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Oscar Dinner.jpg
Dinner. To finish the day nothing better than a somewhat healthy meal. On this dish we have fried fish accompanied with rice and salad. Lemon and salt to make it perfect.

Oscar Lunch.jpg
For lunch I decided to go seafood. Very typical Latin American dish. I have fried shrimps and patacones (fried plantain) with some yellow rice. To top it off some lemon and salt. Perfect.

Oscar Breakfast.jpg
My every morning meal. Fresh coffee accompanied with eggs and bread.

Leonard Dinner.jpg
Dinner at York: Here is a funny photo.. A photo of what was left after I remembered to take the picture. It was so good ☺

Dinner: Ziti noodles with sliced baked chicken in lightly seasoned tomato sauce, topped with cheese.

Courtesy of the food truck:

Lunch in NYC: Lunch: Lamb, yellow rice, lettuce, and green peppers topped with a ranch dressing.

The breakfast of a champion. Inspired by healthy thinking

Mixed Fruit Bowl 1: apples, pineapples, red grapes, and mangos.
Courtesy of the “Florida Sun”

Krystal's Breakfast.jpg
Breakfast courtesy of Ihop. The breakfast sampler: pancakes,hash browns, 2 pieces of pork sausage,bacon and turkey bacon, eggs and a hot chocolate w/ whip cream.

Krystal's Lunch.jpg
Lunch: chicken roti an East Indian dish of the Caribbean potato, chick peas (Chana) boneless chick wrapped in a roti skin

Krystal's Dinner.JPG
Fish and chips

Adewole Breakfast.JPG
I woke up hungry and couldn't figure out what to eat, then I remember that a man' stomach will always accept whatever is thrown at it when it's empty.
This is a 2 minute oatmeal with boiled eggs and butter toasted brick oven bread
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