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Self Portrait

Adewole Lunch.JPG
Attached is one of a typical African lunch meal. Easy to make. It compromises some pilled potato, boiled with 2 teaspoon of oil and salt. Normally eaten with scrambled egg, but today, I choose to eat it with stewed chicken and goat meat.

Adewole's Second Lunch.JPG
Ok ok ok, we African actually called this a balanced combination.
Now, let's take a look inside the tray. Here are: Fresh Corns, Fried Plantain, Jollof Rice with mashed Shrimps. Supported by a small plate of Stewed Chicken, Turkey, Tripe, and Goat…

Adewole Breakfast.JPG
I woke up hungry and couldn't figure out what to eat, then I remember that a man' stomach will always accept whatever is thrown at it when it's empty.
This is a 2 minute oatmeal with boiled eggs and butter toasted brick oven bread

Self Portrait

Alexus Breakfast.jpeg
Mixture of fruit for breakfast. This plate consist of grapes strawberries , apples, and peaches.

Alexus Lunch.png
I really like shrimp so for lunch I ate brown rice and shrimp with parsley.

Alexus Dinner.jpeg
You are looking at the first dinner I made on my own. It's shrimp with string beans and potatoes with balsamic vinaigrette and other seasonings.

Self Portrait

Angelina's Dinner.jpg
The food portrait contains different types of sushi. Some of my favorites which are seen in the photo are spicy crunchy tuna and spicy salmon. It was taken at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant by Northern Blvd here in Queens called Sushi X.
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