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Self Portrait

Adewole Lunch.JPG
Attached is one of a typical African lunch meal. Easy to make. It compromises some pilled potato, boiled with 2 teaspoon of oil and salt. Normally eaten with scrambled egg, but today, I choose to eat it with stewed chicken and goat meat.

Adewole Breakfast.JPG
I woke up hungry and couldn't figure out what to eat, then I remember that a man' stomach will always accept whatever is thrown at it when it's empty.
This is a 2 minute oatmeal with boiled eggs and butter toasted brick oven bread

Adewole's Second Lunch.JPG
Ok ok ok, we African actually called this a balanced combination.
Now, let's take a look inside the tray. Here are: Fresh Corns, Fried Plantain, Jollof Rice with mashed Shrimps. Supported by a small plate of Stewed Chicken, Turkey, Tripe, and Goat…

Self Portrait

Alexus Breakfast.jpeg
Mixture of fruit for breakfast. This plate consist of grapes strawberries , apples, and peaches.

Alexus Dinner.jpeg
You are looking at the first dinner I made on my own. It's shrimp with string beans and potatoes with balsamic vinaigrette and other seasonings.

Alexus Lunch.png
I really like shrimp so for lunch I ate brown rice and shrimp with parsley.

Self Portrait

Angelina Breakfast.jpg
I started my morning in a healthy way with some cinnamon pecan cereal, round banana slices and a side of papaya. A tropical fruits breakfast is my way to start the day!
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