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Vidya Lunch.jpg
Lunch with stir fried spinach (bok choy) with sautéed chicken and an assortment of steamed vegetables(carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato) all on rice. And to drink, a glass of cream soda.

Vidya Dinner.jpg
For dinner I had a portion of Lasagna which consisted of minced chicken and a tomato sauce topped with melted cheese.

Vidya Breakfast.jpg
Breakfast with wheat toast sandwiched with cherry jelly, a poached egg, a slice of cheese, and a cup of lipton tea with almond milk.

Vidya Bipat.jpg
Self Portrait

Shauna Lunch .jpg
Roll with Turkey,cheese and lettuce and ginger ale

Shauna Dinner.jpg
My dinner: halal food: Chicken over rice with lettuce

Shauna's Breakfast.jpg
Raisin bagel with egg, cheese and bacon; ginger ale;
rice krispies treats: caramel chocolatey chunk.

Self Portraitr

Oscar Lunch.jpg
For lunch I decided to go seafood. Very typical Latin American dish. I have fried shrimps and patacones (fried plantain) with some yellow rice. To top it off some lemon and salt. Perfect.

Oscar Dinner.jpg
Dinner. To finish the day nothing better than a somewhat healthy meal. On this dish we have fried fish accompanied with rice and salad. Lemon and salt to make it perfect.
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